Wednesday, 23 September 2015

One global survey, 22,000 expats and a whole lot of views about life abroad... The HSBC Expat Explorer survey results are out!

Living abroad can be exciting, challenging and occasionally daunting. There are many questions to ask before you go: what is it really like to live abroad? Where are the best places for my family to grow and develop? Where should I go to find fulfilling work, or develop my career?

These are big questions, and in our eighth annual study we heard from over 20,000 of you – our largest survey yet – about all of these things, and exactly what it’s like to live abroad.

This year’s HSBC Expat Explorer survey covered everything about expat life, from the most popular destinations for the career-minded to getting your finances straight; from finding the best lifestyles abroad to helping your children to adjust.

You’ll be hearing lots more from us on this in the next few weeks – but in the meantime, here’s a flavour of the places that top our league tables for expat life in 2015 and why they made it to number one.

Singapore is number 1 for a balanced life abroad

This year Singapore ranks first overall for a brilliant, all-around expatlife. As well as benefitting from increased earnings, expats living there praise the opportunities for career development and share their optimism about the local economy. But it’s not just a case of career and financial rewards. Expats also say they’re enjoying better physical health and feel safer in their environment since making the jump. Singapore is a big winner with expat families too, with three in five expat parents saying their children’s health and wellbeing has improved since moving.

Switzerland attracts career-driven expats

When it comes to finding career success and financial wellbeing, Switzerland is the clear winner, taking the top spot in our Economics league table this year. Over three quarters of expats there feel confident about the local economy and more than half say that it’s a good place to progress their career. The results also show that over half of the expats in Switzerland find work to be more enjoyable and satisfying compared to their home country. Combined with other perks like more disposable income, higher salaries and being able to save more, Switzerland’s benefits for career driven expats are very clear.

 New Zealand – The best place for experiences abroad

With its beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere, it’s no surprise to see New Zealand leading the way for a fantastic expat experience this year. Expats there say they find it particularly easy to settle into the way of life, with one in three feeling at home instantly or within six months. The country’s great outdoors is a particular draw: over half of those living there say they’ve become more physically active since relocating.

Sweden is the most family friendly country in 2015

Sweden, a new addition to this year’s league tables, takes the top spot for expat family lifeExpat parents in Sweden praise the childcare available – particularly saying that it’s easy to arrange their children’s education and at lower costs. A great number of parents also say that their children’s quality of life has improved since moving. What’s more, Sweden has a lot to offer to single expats looking to settle down or start a family: our survey reveals that two in five have found a long term partner in the Scandinavian country.  

Browse the 2015 survey results and see how different countries compare using the ExpatExplorer tool.

We’d also like to give a big shout out to all of you who shared their views and experiences with us this year. Thank you for taking part in the 2015 Expat Explorer survey!

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