Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Country in Review: Malaysia - Old Traditions and New Discoveries

Malaysia is a unique meeting of old and new, where established traditions blend with a new, constantly evolving metropolis. Everything from shopping, food, dress, culture and architecture showcase both Malaysia’s rich history and the modern state it has become.

Whether you’re a career expat navigating the fast paced city, retiring to a carefree island or on an expedition in the captivating rainforest, Malaysia has got all categories covered. The country is perfect to move to if you want to be in the middle of the city or if you want to escape it. Expats can take advantage of Kuala Lumpur’s transit network, Rapid KL and explore the capital cities or venture further afield for a more relaxing trip.  

Creative Commons - Mohammad Zaidi Photography
On your commute home from work, against the backdrop of the Petronas twin towers, you can see the latest expansions of international companies standing streets away from smaller outdoor market stalls that have been part of Malaysia’s daily life for years. All the variety can mean a very active diary. You could spend a weekend revealing in the sheer speed and power of new technology by watching Malaysia’s very own Grand Prix. Then you can finish the month taking pictures of the intricate limestone patterns whilst exploring the Batu caves believed to be over 400 million years old, and still have so much more to experience.    
Creative Commons - Seam Maynard - Main Cavern of the Batu Caves
Food enthusiasts also stand to benefit from the variety that is available to them.  Expats in the island city of Penang can gorge on an array of street food, from marinated Batu Maung Satay to sweet Apom Balik pancakes. Meanwhile, back on the mainland, the sophisticated expat can take a lift up to one of Kuala Lumpur’s famous skyscraper topping restaurants. Malaysia’s diverse history which has seen India, China & Thailand influence its cuisine and is also why Malaysia is referred to as Asia in miniature.

Creative Commons - MM
So whether you’re a history buff mesmerised by the architecture of the past, or a faster paced city dweller, Malaysia offers something for the very many types of expat. 

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