Friday, 5 June 2015

The best places to eat al fresco around the world

If there is one thing that sums up the summer, it’s being able to eat outside in the sunshine.  Depending on where you are in the world, the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors will be different – but a meal al fresco will always be a fantastic way of exploring somewhere new and getting to know the local cuisine, whilst making the most of the sunshine.  Inevitably, eating outside varies by culture and by country; with some al fresco practices very traditional, and others a little more alternative.  Here’s our pick of the best– bon appetite! 

Picnicking in Hyde Park
The quintessential British picnic has been the definitive picture of the British summer over the past few centuries – come rain or shine! Those new to London should hit the shops for strawberries, scotch eggs, and afternoon tea, which are best enjoyed out of picnic basket while sitting on a picnic rug.  Choose your perfect spot in the huge Hyde Park and find some peace in the chaos of central London.  

Image source: Creative Commons / Google Images

Living it up in Dubai
The rooftops of Dubai are fast becoming the most sought after spots to eat in the city.  With stunning views of the city, glamorous interiors, and enticing menus, the rooftops of Dubai are the trendiest spot to eat al fresco in the city this summer – always a great spot to watch the sunset, or sometimes even the sunrise.  

Sunset over Sydney harbour
Cremorne Point Reserve offers unsurpassed views of Sydney and its harbour, which are particularly spectacular as the sun is setting.  After enjoying a classic Australian picnic of iced tea and barbequed chicken, follow the walks along the harbour and view the city from a different perspective. 

Image source: Creative Commons / Flickr

Punting through Venice
Little can be more idyllic than eating al fresco within the beautiful surroundings of Venice, whilst being punted along the canals of the city.  Eat, drink, and relax whilst taking in the views of the old town of Venice.

Image source: Creative Commons / Google Images

Live like a Parisian
If there is one thing that is loved by Parisians in the summer, it’s taking a bottle of wine down to the river Seine.  Over the summer months, the river becomes crowded with Parisians enjoying the summer sunshine and watching boats pass by on the river. A stop at the bustling Parisian markets for bread, meat and cheese to enjoy with your drinks is also a must. 

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