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Get out and explore - How to get the most out of your experience

So you’ve moved abroad – congratulations! Perhaps you’ve now established a pattern in your new home or immersed yourself in a new routine in your new surroundings, which is great news. However, feeling a little more settled sometimes means you might start to feel the initial excitement and curiosity wearing off.  While this is good – as it means you’re feeling more at home in your new country – there’s an argument which says there’s always something new to see or experience, wherever you are and however long you’ve been there for.

Here are some top tips for breaking out of your routine and exploring your surroundings to make the most of the experience whilst you have the opportunity to do so:

There’s no shame in joining the tourists…

Once you have established where to go for life’s essentials it is easy to then stop searching for more, but there is no reason to. When you first moved to your new destination you may have enquired about which sites to see and which areas to explore but as you’ve settled you might have lost that enthusiasm.  A way to snap out of your routine is with the help of a guide book. Committing to see the sites listed in a guide book is an amazing way to ensure you make the most of your surroundings.

….But don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten path!

When you’ve gotten more experience at moving around your new city you may want to be a bit more adventurous and search for some hidden gems. One advantage of moving away from the long lines of the recognisable tourist sites is that the places you uncover by chance are as equally interesting and (very often) less costly or crowded. Asking your colleagues or other ‘natives’ for their top recommendations of things to see and do is a great way to start – be it new shows to attend, restaurants to eat at or walks to take. 

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Remembering what you know can help to open new doors

During a move abroad there’s a lot to think about and some things can get left behind by mistake – particularly old hobbies or pastimes.
The good news is that you’ll quite often find new things which can fill that gap – and discovering new local sports is one example.  Whether that’s cricket in Australia, netball in the UK or hockey in Canada watching or even participating in the sports local to the country that you are in can open up a whole new conversation amongst colleagues.

Culinary expats might at first find it frustrating that they are unable to locate all of the things that they need to cook the meals that they enjoyed in their home country. The solution to this could be going to a local cooking class, to learn new recipes, discover new spices around you and even fuse the cuisines of your home country and your new country to create something new, unique and reflective of your experiences. Perusing your interests abroad, be it sport or cooking, can help you establish new friendships and above all help you to explore your new country in a different way.

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