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The easiest places to settle into expat life

Moving abroad and voyaging into the great unknown can be a daunting experience, but there are a number of things that can facilitate this period of adjustment, some of which is not immediately obvious. So in this countdown, we’re trying to help make life a bit easier by listing the easiest places to settle into, based on what expats told us in our 2014 Expat Explorer survey. We also discuss the factors that have made these countries easy to settle into in an effort to shed light on areas that can turn an upheaval into an incredible adventure.

1.       1. New Zealand – The great outdoors

The stunning backdrop and fresh open spaces are not only for fantasy films, wild imaginations and children’s books. The great outdoors is one of the biggest draws to expats in New Zealand and has contributed to why they have found it such an easy place to settle into. A great diet coupled with more opportunities for physical activity not only makes it easier to settle into life there, but is also an added bonus for those in search of a healthier lifestyle. In addition to an amazing environment New Zealand also offers more opportunities for a better work life balance and higher quality of life.

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2. Bahrain – Warm weather, warm locals.
Bahrain’s active and welcoming expat community means that many new arrivals will find it an easier transition. The lively social network prevents the feelings of isolation or culture shock that often concern expats considering moving abroad.  As well as having fellow expats to bond with the Bahraini people are often known for being warm, hospitable and helpful.  This gives people who wish to do so the opportunities to truly immerse and integrate themselves into Bahraini society making newcomers feel both close to their country of origin and their new home.

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3. Singapore – South East Asian melting pot & paradise for foodies.
Singapore provides expats both greater economic gain with its ever growing economy and as well as a wealth of multi-cultural experiences from the many expats that have influenced the country. The country is truly the definition of a melting pot. The combination of English, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay language speakers has given rise to a new English based creole language known as Singlish. The mesh of cultures has not only created Singlish but also contributes to a diverse choice of cuisines available to the countries residents which are an important part of the Singaporean lifestyle.

4. Australia - City life, break breaks and even the less travelled outback!
Australia is a hybrid that gives expats the option to explore its metropolitan cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide or venture into the untouched outback. A country with an active and diverse community of expats it gives many chances to establish lifelong friendships with people from across the globe, as well as fellow expats. The shared experiences provide the opportunity to create a new family away from home and also establish a truly international network of contacts. Although the economic gain in Australia may not be as high as countries in Asia, the higher quality of life, pleasant climate and relaxed pace of life are invaluable.  For those headed to Australia, or considering making the country their new home, there’s an added bonus – expats in our survey said that they found setting up and registering for financial services & utilities is fairly easy.

For more information about the easiest expat experiences, why not take a look at our hints & tips tool?  

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