Friday, 8 May 2015

Six ways to explore a new city

Arriving in a new city is an exciting time – but with so much to do and see, where do you start? After all, you probably want your new city to feel like home, rather than somewhere you are visiting.  Here are 6 great ways you can explore to really get to know a city, and familiarise yourself with areas tourists often overlook.

Trails left by others

Discovering cities through street art and graffiti is becoming an increasingly popular as an alternative way to discover a city.  Some of the street art in many cities is really incredible, and can give insights into the multiplicity of cultures that exist in one city.  Following trails left by others can lead to interesting new discoveries for you, and give a new appreciation of some different and perhaps overlooked areas of a city. 
Creative Commons / Google Images

Going underground

Most cities are interconnected by an astonishing network of underground transport which we often take for granted.  This underground network tells a completely different tale of a city, and provides an alternative means to visualise the space.  The underground transport network is a quick, easy and cheap way to get to the outskirts of a city; stay on the tube, metro or subway until the end of the line and see where you end up. 

Through taste

Researching the best places to eat will take you to new corners of the city.  Pick a cuisine and head to the area which is renowned to do it best, whether it’s street food stalls, or high street restaurants.   Chat to other people eating there, and get some new recommendations of places to go. 
Creative Commons / Google Images
By listening

Audio tours are widely available to download cheaply on app stores, and give you the freedom to follow a guided tour at your own pace.  Audio tours give your exploration a new angle, and can focus on topics from history, to architecture.  Learning more about your surroundings will give new meaning to things you come across whilst in the city.   

By coffee

Or tea! Cafes are great spaces to relax and have conversations.  To explore like a local, talk to a local!  Ask someone in that cafĂ© where their favourite spot in the city is, and make that your next destination.  Make this method a way of getting to know new people, as well as places.  
Creative Commons / Wikimedia

Start walking

It’s time to go retro!  Leave your phone at home and buy a street map; draw out a route on and see where it takes you.  Walk with the purpose of simply walking, and take the time to explore hidden parts of the city.  Walk without a time limit and direction, allow yourself to get little lost, and see what you find.  

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