Monday, 11 May 2015

Dealing with expat emotions – the best things in life are scary… at first!

Whether it is moving away from home to go to university, working up the courage to strike up a new romance or uprooting your family to pursue a new life abroad - the three very different experiences can lead to very similar feelings of doubt, fear and worry. Looking back a lot of the life changes we initially feared turned out to be unbelievably beneficial and now we wouldn’t even think to question them. This is the view that new expats need to keep in mind as they approach the unknown.

Initially we might have worried about whether we would enjoy these different, new experiences and become preoccupied with fear or doubts. We fear that we’ll not enjoy the university experience, be awkwardly rejected when pursuing a new romantic interest, or not enjoy or benefit from becoming an expat. This fear causes us to forget that change can be incredibly rewarding and there’s a lot to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone. But it can be daunting – and often we’re likely to question our ability to handle the challenges ahead and question whether the risks or upheaval are worth the reward.

When you’re moving abroad, there really isn’t any other option but to jump straight in at the deep end and go for it – think of what you could be missing out on! Everything from making brilliant new friends, meeting a new partner or experiencing exciting new things which are all part and parcel of relocating and establishing yourself in a new country.

When looking at a problem from this vantage point it is very easy to psych ourselves out of the risk, and take what we see as the safe and familiar option. When making decisions such as these we also need to consider the joy, courage and strength we gain when the risks lead to rewards.

To keep you motivated and inspired ahead of your move abroad, here are a few of the best words of wisdom we’ve collected from other expats who’ve already started their journey:  

There is some fear that comes as a result of making major life changes, but it is those changes that make life worthwhile. Find more inspiration using the hints and tips tool

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