Monday, 16 March 2015

Help inspire the next generation expats. The 2015 Expat Explorer Survey is now open!

Take part in the 2015 Expat Explorer survey here. Do you remember how you felt before you moved abroad? Did you feel nervous; did you wonder whether you’d made the right decision? You probably spent days and days thinking about it, but did you go to someone for advice? If you did, you probably got a lot of comfort and wisdom from the knowledge that someone else had already made the big move before you! 

That’s why the Expat Explorer tool is so valuable. It connects all expats: those who are considering the idea for the first time, those who are in the process of moving, experienced expats who travel the world tirelessly for work and for pleasure, and even those expats who are heading back home.

Every expat experience is unique. Your very own insights and experiences could mean the world to someone who is looking for information and advice. Thousands of people take part in the annual Expat Explorer survey, run by YouGov. Now in its 8th year, it is one of the largest surveys of expats from all over the world.

Last year’s survey revealed that a significant number of expats move to the Middle East for improved job prospects. We also found that Canada is one of the most popular destinations for retired expats, with almost three times the global average of retirees living there. Expats also told us they felt that  Japan is the safest place to raise children abroad, and that Taiwan has one of the best healthcare systems for expats?

Completing the Expat Explorer survey only takes 10-15 and the views you share will help the next generation of expats make one of the biggest and most difficult decisions of their lives!

Already completed the survey? Let us know what you thought @expatexplorer and on our Facebook page.

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