Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Five things to make it feel like home

The song lyrics ‘it feels like home to me, it feels like I’m on my way back where I belong’ can sum up a feeling more than a place. Moving to another country can be daunting when you think about moving that far away from everything familiar and everything that makes you feel comfortable.

However, the move can be easier when you take with you a few simple things that can turn a new house into a home away from home. We also have our top tips to get rid of that homesick feeling if it arises here.
These are our top five suggestions to make the transition easier for you and your family:

1. Photos

The best way to keep memories at the front of your mind is with photos. Get creative with how you display your photos whether that is in a collage, with magnets on the fridge or printed onto canvases so that they can be right with you wherever you go. 

 2. Your favourite food

     There is a growing expat food market offering international travellers the opportunity to buy their favourite home brands in new far flung locations. Whether you can’t imagine life without your favourite food or simply love beans on toast but now live by the beach, ask your local expat community for the best suppliers to your destination. 

3. Clothes

If you’ve moved somewhere hot but still get nostalgic for the family Christmases back home,  take that bright red Christmas jumper that your Gran knitted with you  because having it with you will make it feel like the real holiday season. Clothes are a great way of re-living memories and feeling close to the people who were nearby last time you were wearing them. 

4. Sports Kit

Moving abroad doesn’t mean you have to give up supporting your local team back home. In many cities across the world there is a strong enough expat community for you to be able to find other fans who will gather together to watch a match with you so don’t leave that well-worn kit at home. 

5        5. Jewellery and special gifts

Sometimes it is the simple treasured possessions that can make you feel close when far away. If you have ever been given a piece of family jewellery or gifts that you treasured growing up don’t forget them. We’re talking about the one thing, and you will know what it is, that if you knew you were about to lose your home, you wouldn’t be able to leave without it.

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