Friday, 27 February 2015

The international festivals you should be at this year

Without doubt, festivals are one of the best ways to have some fun and escape for a short while.  And with many festivals taking place each year around the world, they are a great way to meet friends in your local area, or a fun, ice-breaking experience to have with new friends you have made since becoming an expat.  Festivals are no longer just about no sleep and not showering for 4 days; the festival scene now offers everything from glamping to yoga, food, to poetry.  Here is our pick of the best international festivals which will be taking place around the world in 2015, for whatever you are into!

For culture: Rio Carnival, Brazil
One of the most unique festivals of culture celebration is Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Brazil’s ultimate carnival has inspired endless street parties and around the world, and is internationally recognised for its celebration of the Brazilian culture through its lively and vibrant atmosphere which is impossible not to get stuck in to!  The carnival, which takes place over Easter, promises 5 days of samba dancing, incredible costumes, non-stop partying and caipirinhas – be prepared!

Image Source: Creative Commons/Google Images

For food: M├ęsamerica Festival, Mexico
Food festivals are becoming increasingly popular for self-confessed ‘foodies’, and are a fantastic occasion to meet with friends and try new cuisines and delicacies.  Food festivals not only offer you the opportunity to try a range exciting foods, but a chance to learn new culinary skills and learn tips from the world’s best chefs.  The M├ęsamerica Festival, which takes place annually in Mexico, is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top food festivals, and offers live tutorials from Mexico’s top chefs. 

Image source: Creative Commons/Wikipedia

For stories: PEN World Voices, USA
Literary festivals continue to grow in popularity as a way to experience stories and debate new ideas and schools of thought, whilst meeting like-minded people.  One of the biggest is the PEN World Voices festival which takes place in New York, and guarantees captivating stories and compelling debates.

For comedy: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland
Each year, many of the world’s best comedians and comedy-lovers flock to Edinburgh for its three week long celebration of laughter.  With hundreds of stages and acts, you will surely find some excellent entertainment, whilst having the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Edinburgh. 

For music: Bestival, Isle of Whight

Often referred to as Glastonbury’s younger sibling, Bestival is consistently rated as one of the UK’s top music festivals.  With live music to suit all tastes, whilst being on a smaller, less overwhelming scale to Glastonbury, if Bestival offers one thing, it’s a whole lot of fun.  With a comedy tent, outdoor exercise classes in the mornings and a closing day carnival, Bestival is not to be missed.  And to those not so keen on camping, Bestival offers VIP glamping and showers!

Image Source: Creative Commons/Google Images

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