Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Top Five Posts of 2014

From the best places for life abroad to returning home again, we’ve been all over the world with our posts to look at lots of different perspectives around being an expat. We’ve loved hearing your thoughts on all of these posts, so to celebrate the start of a new year (and for many of you, a brand new set of experiences – and perhaps challenges!), we’ve put together a list of our most read articles from last year. Here’s to 2015 expats!

Do you think in another language? Or perhaps even dream in it? Those are just a couple of the things that we think marks you out as a veteran expat and this post struck a chord with lots of you. Have a read and see if you recognise any of the signs.  From thinking in the local language, to demanding deliveries of ‘home food’ from your family when they come to visit, these habits suggest you are a fully-fledged expat!

Feeling uncertain about making a move abroad? Or umm-ing and ahh-ing at the prospect of moving home? Our post from May looks at some of the typical characteristics which could mean you’re utterly cut out for expat life.  Are you constantly on the lookout for your next adventure? Do you love a challenge and always see the funny side if things go wrong?! See if this helps you make a choice about becoming an expat. 

3.       Where to live in Paris?
Undoubtedly, Paris is one of the most desirable cities to relocate to, with many people relocating to the city every year in search of a life full of romance and sophistication.  However, like many other global cities, Paris is big! Whether you are looking to be situated near the centre of the city, or closer to the Parisian Universities, this blog provided a helpful guide of where to look to live in Paris depending on your budget and the lifestyle you are after. 

This post was popular with those looking to beat the boredom on their next long-haul flight. From tips on successful in-flight yoga positions, to ideas on the snacks which will get you through your journey, this post considered how to beat boredom for different needs.  Take a look to pick up any tips for your next journey. 

As an expat, having an awareness and education about local cultural practices is essential to your success, particularly within the workplace.  This blog provided some useful information on common workplace customs such as timings, making refreshments and business cards, and how they vary between countries. Take another look at this post and avoid falling foul of any etiquette mix-ups! 

What content would you like to see from us in 2015? Let us know your suggestions in the comments box below!

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