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The best destinations for the vegetarian expat

A huge advantage of being an expat is the opportunity to totally immerse yourself in a new culture – from work, to social life to the things that you’re eating; expat life is often a whirlwind of new experiences. We enjoy writing about all things food and it’s something that’s really important to consider as part of your expat experience – there’s no question that finding a spot where the local cuisine suits your tastes is a must! 

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, chances are you’ll be used to thinking outside the box when it comes to food - whether that’s cooking it yourself or seeking out new meat-free eateries. Living and eating abroad is a great way to experience new diets and perhaps try a different way of eating – especially if you’re thinking of combining a move with a new health kick. Most people will associate some particular countries with vegetarian cuisine, like India where Hinduism is the dominant religion and Thailand, where Buddhism contributes to the country’s reputation as a lower consumer of meat. 

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Here are some of our favourite hotspots where the veggie option comes out on top: 

San Francisco:
San Francisco is well-known as a place for living and eating healthily which is reflected in the large selection of meat free eateries. The city has also committed to city-wide backing of campaigns such as Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Mondays. The healthy living beliefs of the city make it a great location for quality, locally grown and organic ingredients. 

This US destination is such a hotspot for the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle that it is also full of vegan clothing stores and bike shops! The University District of Seattle is called one of the most vegan-friendly neighbourhoods in North America and it is thought that soon the number of vegetarian and vegan-friendly eateries could outnumber the number of coffee shops in the city. 

With the large South Indian population of Singapore, it’s no surprise that there are numerous vegetarian restaurants and the popularity of tofu offers a good opportunity to still keep protein in your diet. There are a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan eateries available in the city from up-market restaurants to a hawker market, which is also an excellent location to try out authentic local cuisine. 

Paris boasts more than 30 exclusively vegetarian eateries and hosts amazing creperies for those who love French cheese. – . Despite the excellent reputation that France has for amazing meat dishes, the vegetarian and vegan scene is a flourishing secret in the heart of the city of love.
Another reason why becoming an Expat can be the chance to totally transform your diet and lifestyle.

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