Monday, 19 January 2015

Succeeding at work in a new country

Becoming an expat opens the door not just to a different life, but also a different way of working. There are many reasons why people choose the adventure of moving abroad but often it can give many people the opportunity to carry on or progress in a career they love in a lifestyle that truly suits them.

Last year’s Expat Explorer survey found this to be the case for over a third of expats: 38% said that they moved to take advantage of better job prospects – and more (40%) said that their work life balance had improved as a result.

In cities that are especially fast-paced, achieving a work/life balance can be a challenge. However with changes in technology, so many careers can now be maintained from anywhere within the reach of WiFi – we’ve all considered the benefits of being able to take your conference call on a beach in Australia, or writing up that report while overlooking the New York skyline instead!
Creating the right work life balance can be about much more than just getting out of the rat race – living in a new place will often give you more opportunity to re-assess your priorities and carve out more time for spending with family, friends, taking part in and pursuing new hobbies. While it’s a challenge to work somewhere new, even if it’s in a country that you’re familiar with, embracing this and jumping straight in is a great way to breathe fresh creativity into a career that has started to feel like just a job. It can also prove to be a lucrative leap for those who speak a foreign language.

Moving abroad can also be an exciting opening for entrepreneurs. Taking on the challenge of breaking into a new market can help to reawaken the enterprising spirit to make sure that your venture keeps growing – and you’ll be surprised at the new things you pick up when working somewhere new. For entrepreneurs who do expand abroad, the best advice is to make sure you make the most of the new connections that your new location will bring, because who knows where they also could lead. Share knowledge by joining co-working spaces. This can help with problem-solve, give you new minds to bounce ideas off and create innovative solutions that you may not have found working at home.
Overall, exploring as an expat can expand horizons far beyond a change of view from the office window.
Whether your workplace is large or small and wherever it may be, we've combed through our Hints & Tips tool to bring you some of our best crowd-sourced tips for getting ahead in your new career:  

1.       Be open to new things

2.       Be prepared to get stuck in

3.       Be ready to change your pace – whether that’s switching it up or down!


4.       Integration is key


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