Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Different Perspective: Expat Life

As expats, we are all different.
We are young, or we are old. We're with family, or alone. We've come for love, or money, or career, or adventure, or for all of these things. Our paths may never cross, but we are on the same journey.
We have left everything we have ever known, for the unknown.
Here, where we have moved to, everything seems new. And yet, when we return home, everything will have changed.
‎Because we see things differently. We have a different perspective.‎

And in this, we are all the same

We are excited to announce the launch of our new video, ‘A Different Perspective: Expat Life’.  Inspired by real tweets and tips from the Expat Explorer community, we have created this crowd-sourced video, which brings to life the unique perspectives of past, current, and future expats.

Everything within the video has been informed by expats around the world, each of whom brings their unique perspective on living and working in a new country. Throughout, we look at why people decided to move abroad, what expats have learned and words of wisdom they have for others about to take the leap. No expat experience is identical, yet these different perspectives bring the expat community together as we explore the new opportunities life abroad brings.

The video is created from still images, which are animated using 3D visual effects so that the viewer's perspective of the image changes - in the same way that expats' perspective on the world changes as they experience life from a different angle, in another country. The video was animated by award-winning filmmaker, visual effects artist and animator, Tim Keeling. His work has been screened in London’s National Gallery, V&A and Shoreditch Town Hall, and internationally in Australia, Holland and Germany.

If you are feeling inspired by the video and would like to learn more about expat life, check out expatexplorer.hsbc.com. Our interactive tool offers a global comparison of different expat destinations for you to explore, and you can also submit your own hints & tips for being an expat.

We would like to thank all our contributors who made this video possible:
@Iced_Jem, @michaelvenske, @ed_romson, @shelleypascual, @paroshep, @dimebarcelona, @CathylPowell, @DrJParenteau, @AliceJungclaus, @carolamex, @PartridgeISM, @emmakaufmann, @CrowningGifts, @Caripampita, @Caro_Ganter, Desmonaut, Ana Eminio, Tori, Voix and all the respondents to our Expat Explorer survey.

Are you thinking of a move abroad or want to inspire others on their journey? Be sure to watch the video and share the link here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhH7Ln79Liw

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