Monday, 22 December 2014

Will you be flying home this Christmas?

The holiday period is upon us again and we’re all thinking about spending some quality time with our loved ones. But for those of you who have just moved abroad, it might not be as simple as it used to be. 

Here we weigh up why you should and shouldn’t make the long journey home this Christmas.

Don’t think twice… Just go!
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Christmas is all about the family – all the way from the nativity story to our modern-day rituals, the family takes centre stage at this time of year. So if you can make it to wherever in the world your loved ones call home, there’s a strong argument for just going for it. 

What’s more, moving abroad can be quite hectic period of your life, and so any opportunity to spend time somewhere familiar and relaxing with people that you love, you should take. You’ve earned it!

Also bear in mind that during the Christmas period, many people are able to enjoy more time off work than usual. If your friends and family work long hours and you’re worried that you won’t get to see them, there might not be a better opportunity than now! 

And don’t forget all the treats that will be waiting there for you. You’re friends and family at home probably know you better than anyone else in the world, and will undoubtedly spoil you rotten with all those home comforts when you arrive!

Stay away!
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One of the big downsides to travelling at this time of year is that airlines tend to bump up their prices because they know they won’t struggle to fill their seats. Try to book in advance as possible to avoid the mad Christmas rush.Another reason to stay in your new country is that it will give you a whole new festive experience. 

Christmas traditions vary widely around the world and spending this Christmas abroad might shake things up a little. Try a different Christmas dinner, visit markets, experience festive cheer in a different climate… it might be strange at first but it will broaden your horizons! And finally, if you can’t or don’t want to make it home this Christmas, why not invite your friends and family to come and visit you instead?

So tell us, will you be flying home this Christmas? And if you’re a long-term expat, what’s the best thing about Christmas in your new country?

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