Friday, 5 December 2014

Three Road Trips Every Expat Should Take

As an expat, it is likely you are always on the lookout for more adventures.  Whether you want a chance to take in sights often overlooked on your daily commute, an opportunity to discover some hidden treasures or just an excuse to make a great playlist, the classic road trip is a fantastic way of doing it.  Whether you’re an established expat or are planning to move abroad soon, you’ve probably already caught the travel bug – so here is our pick of some of the best road trips out there to inspire your next one! 

French Riviera Road Trip
The coastline of Southeast France is often described as one of the most beautiful in the world, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing road trip.  With its pristine beaches and idyllic towns, the coastline is a fantastic destination to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean.  A popular route for crossing the French Riviera starts in Nice, goes through Grass, Venice, Monaco, and ends in Cannes.  As well as the views, the local cuisine will also make this a trip to remember. 

  Image Source: Creative Commons/ Catherine Chanel
South Island, New Zealand
Transport yourself to Middle Earth and experience one of the world’s most popular destinations for exploration and road trips.  Home to a uniquely diverse landscape, which inhabits waterfalls, beaches, glaciers and mountains, there is no chance of running out of things to do or see.  If adventure is your thing, there’s opportunity to get your adrenaline fix along the way; bungee jumps, skydiving and zipwires are dotted around the Island.

Image Source: Creative Commons/ Darkelf Photography

Route 66, USA
Considered the ultimate road trip by many, Road 66 is perhaps the most famous stretch of road in the world.  Stretching over 8 states, Route 66 will take you all the way from Illinois to California.  Indulge in burgers from classic American diners and fill up at retro gas stations, whilst listening to a soundtrack inspired by the road itself (we suggest the Rolling Stones’ cover of ‘Get Your Kicks on Route 66’!). 

Source: Creative Commons/Tony Hisgett

What’s the best road trip you’ve taken as an expat? Let us know - tweet @expatexplorer!

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