Monday, 15 December 2014

How to Beat Boredom on Long-Haul Flights

Being an expat, the eventuality of being stuck on a long-haul flight is rather difficult to escape.  Sat in one spot for over 10 hours inevitably becomes very boring, especially after the initial excitement of the in-flight entertainment has withered away.  Here are a few ways for you to beat the boredom next time you find yourself on a long haul flight:

1. In-flight yoga

Moving and stretching after you have been sat in the same position for a long time will have positive psychological and physical effects.  Doing this helps get your circulation going and may reduce any anxiety you may have.  If you’re stuck for moves, there are some great guides to in-flight yoga positions available online.

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 2. Games

Games can be a great way to occupy a bored mind.  Traditional pen and paper games such as Sudoku and crosswords are perfect if you’re travelling alone or have sleeping companions.  If you are the owner of a tablet device, many classic board games are available digitally. Some in-flight entertainment systems even have games and quizzes to play against other passengers on the flight!

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3. Reading

Books are one of the best ways of passing time, taking you into another world – use the long flight to make headway on that reading list you’ve put off or even to read a book set in the place you’re about to visit. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, pick up some magazines from the airport before you set off.   For anyone with tired eyes, podcasts and audiobooks can also provide hours of entertainment (or, at the worst, talk you to sleep).
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 4. Snacks

Having a selection of available snacks at the ready will give you a pick-me-up when feeling frustrated or bored.  Nuts and dried fruit make for a great in-flight nibble as they release energy slowly throughout the flight.
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5. Sleeping

If you are lucky enough to be able to sleep on flights, it is probably the ultimate way to beat boredom by making the journey go very quickly. For those that struggle, pack your ear plugs and eye mask to help you block out airplane hustle and bustle. 

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