Monday, 3 November 2014

Brazil’s Culture Vultures

A skyline of soaring skyscrapers lining the striking blue sea. A spectacular beach filled with animated beach-goers playing volleyball, music and basking in the hot sun. All offset against a mountainous backdrop with the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking it all.

Image source: Wikipedia/Artyominc

Against this rich and vibrant backdrop it is hardly surprising that this year’s Expat Explorer survey showed Brazil to be a magnet for excitement and culture. Three in four expats (76%) in Brazil noted the beautiful scenery as part of Brazil’s charm, but what else do expats love about the country?

Festival Fever

As the recent host of the international football tournament, a future host to the Olympics and home to the vibrant Rio Carnival, it is little wonder almost 6 in 10 expats (57%) strongly associate Brazil with being a culturally interesting place for themselves and their families to live.

The carnival culture is integral to Brazil, with the most famous being the aforementioned Rio Carnival. Held in February every year, it provides  culture, music, colours, costumes and fun for all those involved and attending.

Image source: Wikimedia/Nicolas de Camaret

Brazilian Foodies

Just over eight in ten (83%) expats say that they enjoy the local food (compared with a global average of 72%) and 73% say they tend to shop for local produce at independent markets rather than supermarkets. In case you need some inspiration on what to look out for, barbeque meats, Bolinho de Chuvas (sugary doughnut style bites) and the local cachaça are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

Image Source: Flickr /Casa Fora do Eixo Minas
Not all play

While all this excitement paints Brazil as a fun place for expats, the country is also a great place to settle and work. Well over a third of expats were sent by work and the same proportion moved to find a new challenge (both 37%). Once here, expats feel settled amongst the culture and excitement too, with Brazil coming 2nd out of 34 countries in terms of expats being able to acclimatise to life abroad most easily. Seven in ten (70%) expats say they are integrating well into the community (compared with a global average of 65%) and 73% feel welcome at work (compared to a global average of 66%).

Only getting better

It seems this vitality for life, culture and excitement is paying off in Brazil, with two in five (40%) expats feeling that the country is on the up, making Brazil not only a balanced and exciting expat destination, but one that is only getting better.

Check out the latest findings of the Expat Explorer 2014 survey on our interactive tool here. Share your experiences abroad with us in the comments section or on Twitter (@expatexplorer).

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