Monday, 7 July 2014

The Healthy Way to Relocate

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As an expat, falling ill abroad can be a difficult experience. You have settled into your house, have made friends and are even beginning to master the language. However, the experience of an unexpected illness can drag you right back to feeling isolated and lost in your new country.

This post will help you navigate the medical mazes and healthcare hazards.

The key to good healthcare abroad is careful preparation at home. There are 2 parts: vaccinations and research.

For many countries, expats will have to have vaccinations against different diseases. These can be time-consuming and must be completed before moving to your host country to ensure that you are fully protected. Don’t leave these to the last minute! Your local doctors may run out of popular vaccines, waiting lists for treatment can be long and it may not be a one-off injection, but a course of treatments.

This has two parts: choosing your country and researching your country.

If healthcare is a top priority for you, we can offer a helping hand in choosing a country with top-rate healthcare. Our Expat Explorer survey in 2013 revealed that Taiwan tops the list for the best healthcare, followed by France and then Bahrain. Meanwhile, Germany tops the list as the best country for children’s healthcare.

Once you have chosen a country, check out what basic healthcare system operates in your chosen country. Systems can differ widely across the globe so make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for. A quick internet search should set you off and your own national healthcare providers should be able to help you before you leave. Why don’t you also check out our Hints and Tips tool to find out first-hand from other expats how they tackled healthcare issues abroad or add hints from your own experience?

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