Monday, 28 July 2014

The five blog posts you have to read before moving abroad

You’ve got your visa, filed the paperwork, and told your friends and family you’re leaving. There are still plenty of things left to pack and sort out before you go – and what about when you arrive?

The great news is, although we can’t help you pack, we have compiled a handy list of our five favourite blog posts to give you a solid grounding of some of the key things you should expect when you’re leaving your home for pastures new. 

Everything will feel a little strange at first, but that’s normal – throwing yourself in at the deep end is the best way to feel more at home more quickly.

Grab a coffee, sit back, enjoy - you can even take some notes if you like – and let us help you prepare for the journey ahead! Click the headline to read each post in full. 

The main thing you’ll want to do is explore and get to grips with your new neighbourhood. There’s no better way to get a handle on the local people and suss out where you want to return to (and where you might not!). The golden rule here? Always take a map or make sure your phone is charged!

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and unfortunately, in a similar way there’s no shortcut to mastering a language straight away. Patience and practice is the key so look for opportunities whenever you can to try out your skills and aim to do it with confidence! Lots of locals will respect you for giving it a try and getting stuck in!

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Moving blind to a new place without anyone you know sounds a little daunting – and rightly so. But there are a number of things you can do to lessen the blow and ease the stress. Check out your network and see if you’ve got any mutual friends, for one. Social media sites in particular are great for this.

With every new country there’s a new culture – and the same goes for workplaces. Wherever in the world you are, chances are there will be at least one custom which feels a bit alien. Whether that’s the tea run or a 30 minute time-lag, try to fit in quick (and make your peace with it!).

Although distance can always be a challenge with a long distance relationship, ensuring you have the right approach when it comes to trusting one another and communicating openly about the problems which might come up, can help cross-continental love last.

What would you tell yourself if you were to make the move again? Share your wisdom with other expats here

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