Thursday, 31 July 2014

The expat items you just can't live without

If there’s one skill every expat needs to master, it’s the art of packing light – both for the initial move and for those trips home to see the loved ones you’ve left behind. On the other hand, there are some items which no first-time expat should forget when you set off adventuring– those expat items which you just can’t live without!


1. An internet-enabled device: Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop or tablet (maybe even all three), this device is what links you to everyone back home, allows you to find out important info on your new country and lets you to tap into online expat communities for hints for making the most of expat life. Though many remember a time before technology enabled an easier expat life, most will feel lost without their devices. Keep them safe, charged and to hand.   

2. The sentimental keepsake: A somewhat worn childhood toy, a family photograph, a letter or postcard from a friend. When you have a moment of homesickness, this item is the one you’ll turn to – so don’t be tempted to leave teddy in a drawer in your parents’ house! 

3. Products you can’t buy abroad: We asked our Twitter followers what products they always snap up when visiting home and were inundated with responses! Food, medical and sanitary products were top of our expats’ shopping lists so make sure you research what’s going to be available and stock up on items you know you’ll need.

4. A camera: Documenting your expat experiences is important, whether you’ve moved abroad for the short or long term. Why not start a blog to showcase your favourite snaps and let people know about expat life? It can be a great way to keep family and friends updated, memorialise your favourite aspects of everyday life and even get in touch with like-minded expats. You could even become one of our guest bloggers!

5. Luggage options: Many expats find they travel more once they’ve moved abroad, within their new country or in the local region. So make sure you can grab an appropriately-sized case, holdall or backpack at a minute’s notice. Embrace the spirit of adventure and soon you’ll be filling your passport with new stamps from around the world.

Are you already an expat? Which expat items could you not live without? Let us know in the comment section below or by tweet @expatexplorer.

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