Monday, 16 June 2014

Top Five Expat Breakfasts

We asked our followers on Twitter how expat life had changed their choices for the first meal of the day and heard about a range of breakfasts around the world – from miso soup in Japan, to egg and ham in the Spanish sun! Here we look at five top breakfast choices in popular expat destinations.

1.       United Kingdom: Wherever you are in the UK, a filling breakfast is the order of the day. There’s the hearty Full English and the no-nonsense Ulster Fry. In Cornwall? Try hog’s pudding and potato cakes. An expat in Scotland? Sample some tattie scones. Locals will often fiercely defend their region’s variation.


2.       Italy: The pastries may be sweet but the real star of the show is the first coffee of the morning, whether a hastily quaffed espresso or a slowly savoured cappuccino in a local cafĂ©. This breakfast ritual will soon become an important part of your dolce vita in Italia.

3.       Thailand: Thai food is a big hit among the expat community according to the Expat Explorer survey in 2013 but breakfast may seem a little strange at first to Western palettes. Expect spicy fish with meat, rich, sweet and sour pork – and by the time you’re done it will soon be lunchtime!

4.       Russia: Kasha porridge (made from slow-cooked wheat) is the perfect antidote to cold Russian winters. And any expats who’ve recently made the move to Russia will also be taking part in long-running tradition by starting their days with this filling dish.

5.       Canada: Busy day ahead? Why not start it with a lumberjack breakfast. That’s eggs and sausage, with pork chops, pancakes, syrup, biscuits – basically anything you could want for breakfast combined on one plate. Eat now – and thank us later.

What do you eat for breakfast now you’ve made the move abroad? Let us know in the comments section below or by tweeting @expatexplorer!

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  1. damn those all sound amazing. ramadaan here and feel guilty as an expat eating around colleagues so i guess im kinda fasting too... id eat just about anything right now!


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