Friday, 9 May 2014

Why do people become expats?

There are many reasons why people decide to take the leap and make the move to another country. When we asked our followers why they personally felt expat life was right for them. We received a plethora of responses, with reasons ranging from the highly practical to the emotional and even philosophical. Below we look at some of the top incentives for packing your bags and starting a new life abroad.

  1. Job Opportunities: Whether your own career’s advancement relies on moving, or you’re emigrating to support a partner, plenty of people’s motives for embarking on expat life are financial. One of our followers, @kate_hein told us Europe was the place to be for her husband to play volleyball professionally, while last year’s Expat Explorer survey found that millennials were flocking to London in the UK to take advantage of job openings in the technology sector.
  2. Language learning: Our follower @lynonnewbie left Trinidad for a new home in France to nurture a love of the French language. Check out some of our tips for tackling a new tongue abroad. You could find it one of the most rewarding parts of your expat experience if you do choose to take the plunge.
  3. Expanding horizons: Experiencing a totally different culture and lifestyle are top reasons for moving abroad - @shelleypascual and @Caro_Ganter both told us being an expat made them ‘feel alive’. In the 2013 Expat Explorer survey, Thailand topped the charts for enjoying local culture, as well as for Expat Experience more widely.
  4. Soaking up the rays: Many cited the good weather and amazing new scenery as reasons for moving. Why not check out these top rural expat destinations if love of foreign landscapes would motivate you to move?
  5. Family: Follower @jgprentice told us he wanted to expand his children’s cultural horizons and moving abroad can be great for kids as well as adults. Germany ranked first for expat kids last year – find out why here.

If you’ve made the move abroad, we want to hear from you! The 2014 Expat Explorer survey is now open! Take 15 minutes to help fellow expats by letting us know your views on life abroad and spread the word to expat family and friends by sharing the link here and using the hashtag #EESurvey14.


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