Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine’s Day – Expat Style

Valentine’s Day is not celebrated worldwide (although many countries have equivalent festivals of gift giving, chocolate guzzling or romance). But whether you’re an expat couple who always indulge each other on this one day of the year or a dating expat looking to try the Valentine’s tradition for the very first time in your new home, wherever you are in the world, we have plenty of ideas for making February 14th the most romantic day of the year!

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The perfect setting
An an expat, you've got a vast array of exciting and romantic date destinations to check out. If you’re in one of the world’s great business cities why not consider the heady heights of a skyscraper restaurant so your heads can really be amongst the clouds? If you’re in Scandinavia this is definitely a great chance to head to the sauna! And if you’re in Europe, where better place to head than to the canals of Venice? Think world famous monuments for great photo opps and marriage proposals, or snug hidden getaways. Your Valentine’s is sure to beat those of your friends back home!

Just dinner?
Being an expat means dinner is no longer the safe option, especially if the local food is new to your partner as well as you. Why not try oysters on the banks of an Irish lough, macaroons in a Parisian patisserie, a real Texan barbecue, tapas in the backstreets of Barcelona or pufferfish in Japan (if you like your dates served with a dash of danger)?

Give a gift
Why not try out local gift-giving traditions? The Welsh craft lovespoons – intricately decorated wooden spoons. In China, be careful what colour ribbon you use to wrap your presents – red is used day to day, silver and gold for wedding gifts, and black and white only for funerals. And the Japanese are the most prolific gift-givers in the world, so seek to be over- (rather than under-) prepared with your token of affection.

Long distance Valentine
Many expats are in long distance relationships but that’s no reason to give Valentine’s a miss! Write an old fashioned love letter, set up a coordinated film viewing while video chatting, or, even better, leap on a plane and surprise your loved one! The only risk is that he or she may do the same and you’ll end up passing somewhere over the Atlantic…

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