Monday, 27 January 2014

Fictional Expats

As an expat, it’s always great to hear from other people in the same position. It’s the perfect way to find advice, new haunts and of course, friendship. And reading about fictional expats can be similarly inspiring – even if you can’t meet up with characters for a drink in your new location. Here, we give you a (very scientific) history of fictional expatriation:

1. The Trojans – the ultimate expats (who eventually found Rome!): Virgil’s epic Aeneid may not leap out as expat literature but it is most definitely a story about relocation, culture shock and the difficulties of integration (even if war is thrown in at every stage for good measure). Aeneas and crew leave modern day Turkey and try out several destination countries (including Carthage in modern day Tunisia) before settling in Italy. Serial expats take note – it may take several trial runs before you find the best place to settle down!

Image Source: Creative Common/William Miller
2. Robinson Crusoe – the reluctant expat: Crusoe was shipwrecked which is a little unusual nowadays, but many of you may also have had an unexpected start to expat life – being posted by your company to an unfamiliar location. Take inspiration from the Defoe novel and get to grips with your new home – the landscape, food and wildlife. And beware the effects of extreme isolation by making local friends too!

3. Jamesian expats – looking for love: If you’re American, female and single in a Henry James novel making the move to Europe is a sure fire way to find a man. Our latest survey revealed that nowadays it’s Brazil sending expats’ pulses rating, with more respondents finding love there than in any other location.

Image Source: Creative Common/Jasaya
4. Dorothy - following the yellow brick road: Expat life is a bit of a whirlwind but can be a prosperous career move in many cases. Take a look at our rankings for ‘expat economics’ to make sure your dreams don’t go up in smoke and prospective opportunities are more than just hot air. For many the real land of Oz – Australia – remains a popular expat destination!

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