Friday, 15 November 2013

Retiring Abroad, Part Two

In the second instalment of our blog post about retiring abroad, we’re looking at how best to make friends, keep in touch and make the most of your new home. We’d love to hear your top tips for retiring abroad – you can share them with other expats here.

Making friends

Moving abroad at any age is an exciting prospect which offers adventure, excitement and fun – wherever in the world you go. If you’re moving to be with your family or partner, it might be that you already have a social network in your new surroundings. However, for many, it might be a case of starting from scratch. But never fear; lots of people believe that confidence comes with age so on that basis, you’re never too old to make new friends and try new things. Social media is a great way to keep in tune with your community – look for pages devoted to your town or city, keep an eye on local forums and seek out any community centres, libraries or leisure clubs which might hold events you’d be interested in. With increasingly vast numbers of people on social media, you’re never more than a few clicks away from someone like-minded, so it’s worth exploring digital channels to make new friends too. 

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Keeping in touch
The rise of email and social media means that it’s never been easier to keep in, whatever the distance. A move across the world doesn’t have to affect relationships and many expats rely heavily on video calling and social platforms to keep up to date and in touch with their loved ones. It’s never been easier to get online (if you’re not already!) and with plenty of help and support functions available, you can be up and running in minutes. Who knows – you might find that you end up speaking more to your family through social media than you did face to face living at home!
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Cost of living
If you’re considering retiring abroad, it’s important to consider costs and how this might affect your lifestyle. Certain areas, like Asia, offer a high quality of life for relatively little cost – your money will go a lot further than it might do at home. Depending on your age (and inclination!) you might even want to think about taking a part-time job – lots of retirees will see this as the perfect opportunity to indulge in hobbies, activities or past-times which they might have put aside while working on their careers.

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  1. Although I love my country, I'd want to move abroad for sometime...see the world, explore different things and basically enrich myself as a person.


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