Monday, 4 November 2013

Kinder for kinder: Germany – a top destination for raising children abroad

Our new Expat Explorer 2013 survey has revealed that the top destination for raising children abroad is…Germany. Germany was ranked 1st out of 24 countries after performing well across Childcare, Health and Experience, but its top scores came for Education, coming in in first place for a favourable mix of low cost and high quality schooling, with more than half (58%) of parents seeing an improvement in their children’s education compared to their home country.

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There are other family perks too – Germany is birthplace of the gummy bear and Christmas tree, and festive presents are opened a day earlier on Christmas Eve, while parents may be pleased to know that Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world. 

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If your family is thinking of making the move, you (and your kids) may find German schools are not only high quality but a little bit different:

Children rarely wear school uniform. This translates as an end to wrestling with tights and frantically ironing polo shirts and undoing knotted ties.

Schools start early – as early as 0730! Meaning as you were all up anyway – the kids might as well be at school when they have the energy.

The day is done by lunchtime, which can be seen as more time with your children (even if they have lots of homework) and, more importantly, an end to lunchbox-related panic and competition.

Other countries which scored well for both the quality and cost of education included France and Spain, while in Singapore, Kuwait and UAE excellent schooling comes with a correspondingly hefty price tag.
For expat parents, our findings also showed that:

Best place to bring up outgoing kids: New Zealand
Safest place to raise children: Singapore
Top for childcare: France

See how your country ranked for expat kids by checking out our new interactive tool.

Check out the latest findings of the 2013 Expat Explorer report and more on the newly designed Interactive Tool here.

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  1. Great info! I didn't know so much about the language thing. I think it's good to teach children multiple languages, so that when they grow up, it's easier for them to connect with different people.


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