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Guest Blogger Series: Introducing… Vinitha

Our latest guest blogger this week, Vinitha, gives us some tips on ways to handle stress when moving.


Packing up and moving is no easy task. It is a chore, a pain in the neck, a task that most people do not like to do. Add in a 4-year old to the mix, it gets complicated. There are days when I sort things and throw them into a box and then minutes later I see Kuttyma playing with it. It is like a never-ending game for her. As much as I want to sit and laugh with her, I end up getting frustrated.

Moving is stressful and after two moves (one done while solo parenting) with a toddler, here are some things that I learned

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1. Get Professional Help
Please get movers to do the packing.  Many employers offer relocation packages and try to negotiate to get one. Having professionals pack and box up helps. Remember even when movers are involved, you will have to make the call on what to take and what to store/donate/dump. You will be involved every step of the way on your moving day and having movers tackle the hard parts is a boon. Knowing you will have movers help will also make you less stressed. For instance you do not have to worry about padding and packing the precious family heirloom vase (not that I have one).

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2. Start Early and Sort
This is something I follow. I start a few months ahead, I have cartons put out for the donation pile, dump pile and move pile. As I go through my daily life, I start putting things into the boxes and it feels like I am doing a little bit everyday. I usually put away seasonal clothing, brand-new purchases in the move pile early on.

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3. Dream On
One of my favorite parts of moving is deciding what I want to do at the new destination. I usually get a couple of tour books and scour travel blogs to make a bucket list. I love reading about the places I will visit and gathering information. It makes the move less daunting and dreaming about something you will do does bring down your stress levels.

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4. Indulge Yourself
What are the must-do things in your current city? What are the restaurants with top ratings? Is there a spa that everyone is talking about? Is there a place you have always wanted to visit but did not have a chance? Visit the place. It relaxes and unwinds you. It helps you create memories about time in your city. It gives you an opportunity to re-group and rejuvenate your spirits. Looking at the beauty around you often de-stresses you more effectively than anything else.

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5. Cut some slack
Moving is a big bundle of issues. Cut yourself some slack and don’t be too harsh on yourself. I thought I was being smart and put all my glassware in a separate location so that they can be wrapped. I forgot where I put them and banged a door down came tumbling a glass bottle. Luckily, I was not hurt and the bottle was replaceable.

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6. Downsize
A move is a great time to downsize. As you reduce the number of things you carry you realize how little you can live with. This is the time you can connect with charities and give away things you are not sure about. Sometimes it might be better to buy a new storage cabinet at the destination after checking what storage options your new home has than shipping your existing cabinet.

I downsized rather drastically during my move to Singapore and the past two years consciously tried not to collect new things and I think that is one of the best decisions I have taken in life.
My moves have not been foolproof. I thought I covered every base this time around. A few days after the boxes set sail I realised that six library books were boxed up. Also I had managed to ship some of the things I promised to friends in Singapore. I live and I learn.

Do you move frequently? How do you handle stress?

About the Author

Vinitha is an opinionated mom, lifestyle blogger, environmental engineer, climate change believer, sustainability champion, book worm, expat wife, wanderer and dance lover. She currently calls Gladstone, Australia home but has lived in Singapore, Houston, TX and India previously. You can read more from Vinitha on her blog http://ourowncorner.com/poohsden and follow her @vinitha

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