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From Brazil with love – 2013’s most romantic expat destinations

As an expat, love is a big thing. It might be the reason you move; it might be the thing you find when you get there. Whichever way you look at it, and whether you’re single or taken, moving to a foreign land promises lots of exciting, new possibilities and it’s fairly probable that love will play a part in some part of your journey.  

For those of you single expats who are looking for love (…and who isn’t?!), you might want to book a flight and head to South America. This year’s Expat Explorer report has found that Brazil is the most romantic expat destination, with the largest proportion of expats finding a lifelong partner after moving there. In a country that’s known for its rich social scene, with an abundance of carnivals, street parties and celebratory atmosphere, it’s of little surprise that this is such a popular spot for single expats.  
Image source: The Daily Telegraph

Interestingly, Brazil isn’t just popular with single expats – it also emerged from our Expat Explorer survey as the country where expats are most likely to follow love. More than half (55%) of Brazil-based expats said that their reasons for relocating were to join their family or partner - almost twice the global average of 33%.

Brazil also ranked highest when it came to expat integration, revealing that expats in Brazil finding it easier than any other country to integrate into the local community. This might account for getting involved in local activities, making new friends or, indeed, new partners. Expats there are also more inspired to pick up the local language with nine in ten expats (90%) saying they have made an effort to learn Portuguese compared to the worldwide average (60%). 

Other countries which rank highly in the romance stakes are Russia and Italy where around six in ten expats (61% and 58% respectively) agreed that they had found a life partner since moving.

While these countries might hold the key to many expat hearts, it is not all doom and gloom for those living in other nations. It seems that expats are generally luckier in love: almost twice as many expats agree to having met their life partner since moving (40% compared to 21% who disagree).  

However, it seems that the fairer sex might be better off. Data from the survey also revealed that female expats are more likely to meet a partner then men – 10% fewer men than women met their life partner after becoming an expat. 

Check out the latest findings of the 2013 Expat Explorer report and more on the newly designed Interactive Tool here.

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  1. I am agree Brazil is one of popular country destination for foreigner people


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