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Around the world in nine food festivals

A major part of the excitement of being an expat in a new place is sampling the diverse range of food that their new home has to offer. This can be experienced at food festivals, many of which showcase local ingredients and dishes. Food festivals held around the world range from the weird and wonderful to the delicious and decadent.

Some food festivals are world famous for celebrating a diverse array of scrumptious food. Foodies should head to Singapore to experience the World Gourmet Summit which has it all. Singapore hosts the most sought after flavours in the world, from fine wines to ethnic specialities. There are also celebrity cooking demonstrations and workshops taught by master chefs. 

One of Australia’s most popular food festivals is the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival which started in 1993 but has over 200 events 20 years later. The two week festival presents gourmet dishes and is renowned for showcasing the best of Victoria’s wine and food.  

Visitors to the paradise of the Cayman Islands can take part in the Caribbean’s biggest culinary event, the Cayman Cookout. The food festival on Grand Cayman Island celebrates all the fantastic flavours of the islands and is all prepared outdoors in the sun. You’ll find cooking showcases by famous chefs, culinary tours of the island, catamaran cookouts and more. 

San Francisco Street Food festival will experience a festival like no other, attracting 50,000 to taste what the Bay Area has to offer. Street food is growing rapidly as a business and the high-quality stalls in San Francisco serve delicious, gourmet food at this Bohemian style feast.

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There are many festivals around the world which champion a local ingredient and can be a great opportunity for visitors to learn more about native culture. For instance, New Mexico’s Hatch Valley is well known for its prolific production of spicy ‘Hatch’ chilies and these take centre stage at a summer festival. Diners can sample these firecrackers in a huge range of spicy food and enjoy chilli eating competitions, cook-offs, and carnival rides. Lovers of seafood can head to Maine Lobster Fest held in Rockland, New England. The state is famous for this crustacean and locals celebrate with live music, rides and a floating lobster crate race. Foodies can enjoy lobster prepared in more ways you can ever imagine, with the highlight of a 20,000 pound lobster cooker to feast on. Galway in Ireland also celebrates the seafood it is acclaimed for, with its annual Oyster festival. The locals and visitors see off the summer sipping champagne and shucking oysters. The festival includes a Mardi Gras-style carnival with live bands and a seafood feast to cap it off.


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Some of the strangest festivals in the world revolve around food. The now world-famous Spanish festival, La Tomatina, is a party that celebrates the tomato and has taken place every year since 1945. The crazy party starts with a rush to climb a ham-topped greasy pole. Once the ham is grabbed, trucks unload tonnes of tomatoes and the crowd have a huge food fight creating a massive marinara mess.  

Another strange festival is held in Gloucestershire, Britain. Cooper’s Hill has become famous for the annual Cheese Rolling Festival where competitors run after a nine pound wheel of cheese down a steep incline. The first person over the finish line at the bottom of the hill wins the cheese. This used to be a local event but in recent years, people have travelled from around the world to compete. 

Chinchilla in Queensland, Australia celebrates its melon production with a festival devoted to the fruit. Revellers can enjoy melon skiing, melon bungee and pip spitting competitions!

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Food festivals are a great way for expats to learn about local produce, customs and culture. From the gourmet to the unusual , expats can meet and engage with local people and try delicacies from their new home. Food festivals have become about more than the food they are championing, with live music and carnival rides, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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