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How to make a long distance relationship last

All expats will experience some form of long distance relationship as they move away from their family and friends to another country. But what about those who leave their partners, boyfriends, copines, mariti or wives behind? How can these people make sure that their relationships not only survive, but flourish as they span the seas? We put together a few more pointers that should prepare you for your long distance relationship (LDR) as well as offering a few handy tips that will bridge the gap.
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Make sure you both know where you stand and set out the parameters before going away. It is worth making sure that you know what you mean to each other, so before leaving, take a bit of time and spend quality time together. Go out for dinner, talk about how you both feel and where you see your future going. Making these sorts of commitments, and understanding each other will go along way to tackling any insecurities that may get in the way later on. Ensure that you are prepared for the difficulties and be willing to make a lot of effort initially as you both adjust to this new stage.

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By the very nature of an LDR, it is unlikely you will be able to see one another very much, so offset this issue by speaking as much as possible. It might not be as easy to call someone for a chat as it was when they were just down the road, so it is important to set aside time to talk. Make use of the modern day technologies on offer and communicate through online video calling so that you actually see each other. Order the same takeaway and watch the same movie for a fun date that will remind you of the quality times spent together. In general though, just speak as much as possible, in as many ways as possible and invest in instant messaging apps on your phone that can keep you connected more easily.

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Pursue common interests
Try to enjoy similar things and make sure you pursue these common interests. Tackle the distance by closing in on things you can both appreciate, separately but together. Go see the same films, share new musical discoveries and read a book simultaneously. Even if you’re doing things apart, you are still doing things together so you can talk, agree, and even argue over your own experiences and opinions, keeping conversation lively and interesting.

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See the benefits
Whilst the benefits of a LDR might not be immediately recognisable, there are some real advantages to this type of relationship. Relish the fact that you do not have to fight over household issues like cleaning and finances and can make the most of the moments when you are together, truly enjoying one another’s company and creating some magical memories. Although you might not be spending a large quantity of time together, the time you do spend can be of a higher quality. Equally, while it is always going to be hard to miss someone, make the most of this emotion. Think of missing that special person as you are being reminded that there is something worth fighting for. 

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