Monday, 29 July 2013

Moving to the countryside

The rural idyll is something many of us crave and if you’re one of those fleeing the city smog for the country escape then here are some things you should consider. Whether you are choosing to settle in the lavender fields of Provence, the island life of Greece, or anywhere else abroad, these tips are worth a read.

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Rose tinted glasses…
Whilst country life offers a slower pace and the promise of peace and quiet if you are relocating abroad to opt for the rural life, it is wise to think about the reality. It’s easy to fall in love when driving up to a ramshackle traditional house in the August sunshine. However it is worth thinking about the practicalities. The little lane in winter may become impassable for example if the area experiences snow, ice or heavy rain. The ramshackle roof you praise for its rustic charm in the summer may see you chasing round with pots and pans collecting rain in the winter and the wonky windows may just cause a cold draught in the cooler months. Having a house in a good state of repair will not only make living there more pleasant all the year round it will also make you safer.

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Safety, safety, safety…

Unfortunately in every country there is crime, it’s an unavoidable fact of the modern world, and while we may at first think of burglars in suburbia or pickpockets on the city streets, crime also affects rural areas. By considering the security of your country home you not only make the property more secure whilst you’re out, but you also make yourself safer when you’re in.

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Branching out…
An isolated house set in its own land is great in many ways but when you’re living somewhere rather than simply holidaying, you’ll want to make new friends and branch out into the local community. So why not consider living in or just on the edge of a village? This way you can have the best of both worlds- the open land to roam in will still be on your doorstep but it will be easier to become a part of village life. Furthermore by living within sight of neighbour’s you can help to keep an eye on each other and your properties. As an expat you may choose to return home for a couple of weeks (or months) at a time so this may be worth consideration.  

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