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Top Expat Dad Bloggers

The rise of expat parenting bloggers has been well documented (we even blogged about it here and here previously). What are the reasons for this? We put this trend down to several factors:

1. Expats tend to be sociable, eloquent and people who like to share information, and therefore likely to enjoy speaking about their experiences in the most shareable space there is - online.

2. Blogging is the modern day round robin and provides a way for those living abroad to stay in touch with people back home, and this becomes even more important when you have children.

3. Blogging can provide a support network for those who have left their family and friends to become an expat and connect parents with a wider group of people.

So while it’s true that most parenting blogs feature expat mums were taking to the blogosphere, we got thinking, “What about the dads? Surely the need for a support network and shareable expat experience is as important for men as it is women?”

After a good scour on the web to find who these dad bloggers are and what are they are writing about, we uncovered some great blogs about the experiences of an expat father abroad. We think it’s time to honour these foreign-dwelling fathers and give a little shout out to a few of our favourites.

The Expat Dad

Source: The Expat Dad

In his own words, this is the blog of a “part-time writer, part-time athlete, full-time legend.”

This fairly new blog, started this year, is the account of a man, living in the Philippines with a pregnant wife. The sweet, tongue-in-cheek writing style gives a bit of solidarity to all of those men coping with this life-changing period, and vocalises the unique perspective of doing so as an expat in the Philippines. We can’t wait for the baby to arrive and for the author to become a real expat dad.

An Englishman’s adventures in Switzerland

Source: An Englishman’s adventures in Switzerland

In his own words, this blog, authored by Paul Reed-Peck, tells the story of “An Englishman living in Switzerland, trying to instil Britishness in his daughter and deal with life's daily challenges.”

Having met his current Swiss wife, Christelle in Australia, the couple decided to relocate to Switzerland in 2009 to be closer to her family. This blog was started so that Paul could keep in contact with his own family and friends but has evolved over the years to include tips to help other expats in similar situations. Personal stories and anecdotes are supplemented with sections on eating out, relocating and tourist attractions.

In search of a life less ordinary

Source: In search of a life less ordinary

In search of a life less ordinary is a blog written by Russell Ward. His writing and accounts on life abroad has spanned the web and widely followed by the expat community.

Russell is a British expat and writer who has lived in Canada and now lives in Sydney. In his blog he writes about his “search for a different way of life” in a frank and honest way that is highly readable and very appealing. The blog now includes links to some of his favourite writers, so it serves as a great hub of expat information. Read up on his most recent blog that gives us the low down on travelling with children.

English Dad in Moscow

Source: English Dad in Moscow

In his own words, English Dad in Moscow is “a travel blog and diary of life in Moscow Russia and the daily routine of being a ‘SAHD’ and other things.” To supplement the honest and tongue-in-cheek posts, there are also some other stored documents that provide some useful practical advice as well as the recent addition of an online agony aunt who is ready and raring to answer all those other expat questions.
Are you an Expat Dad Blogger? Get in touch and share your blog, tell us why you love blogging!

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