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The benefits of working abroad

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One of the key reasons for expats to move abroad is for work; whether because of a company posting or a voluntary decision to experience a new lifestyle or culture. We take a look at some of the best things about working abroad.

Career development
Working abroad has many career benefits; one of them is having international experience on your CV, which is a plus for many employers. Companies operate across different continents so being able to understand the cultural sensitivities within different regions can be highly valued. At the same time you get to experience a new culture and meet people with different backgrounds. Those that spend time working abroad often get more responsibility which can give expats a key competitive edge. As one global company chief executive says, business leaders are required to be “frankly, increasingly more global”.

Financial benefits
Many expats enjoy significant financial benefits when working abroad, including higher salaries combined with lower living costs. Our 2012 Expat Explorer survey found that more than half of expats moved abroad for a better job and to get paid more.

Working abroad often helps an individual’s motivation; staying away from home makes you become more responsible and develop the ability to handle pressure on your own. This time away from your normal career routine allows greater thinking opportunity towards your current and future career and development.

Learning a new language
One of the most popular reasons for expats heading to a new location is to learn a new language. In a world where expats compete with people from all around the globe, being able to speak multiple languages offers an expat great career benefits.

New contacts
Working abroad gives you the chance to not only meet new friends but also to widen your network of business contacts. Although it is easy to network with people in different countries thanks to modern technology, there is no substitute to meeting in person. Creating and developing personal contacts overseas is hugely important for career development and helps you move from expat to global employee.

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