Monday, 24 June 2013

Five expat stereotypes you might come across

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Have you ever been on ‘expat watch’? Looked around the bar you’re in, the restaurant where you’re eating at and instantly spot an expat?

Everyone has seen an expat that fits into a certain stereotype. In this blog post we wanted to uncover some tell-tale signs that make you more identifiable as an expat. Have you come across any of these…?

Homesick Expat
Homesick expats are those you often hear saying they’ve scheduled a video call that evening or at the weekend to catch up with family back home, those who have created a home away from home by stocking shelves with familiar comforts and being in constant contact with friends back at home. Whilst not instantly noticeable, once you get to know the ‘homesick expat’, it becomes apparent that their mind and heart are in different places.

Expat Amigos  
A slightly different take on the ‘homesick expat’, ‘expat amigos’ are those who invariably only hang out with other expats or expats from the country they were from.  You can normally spot this type at the local national bar – sipping on the same drink and listening to the same music that they would listen to back home.

Local Joe Expat
Some expats, however, favour local friends over sticking around with ‘expat amigos’. Sometimes these expats go native and totally adopt their local culture and customs with the same eating habits and use the local slang.
Picture source: Flickr

The Soul Searcher
Whether this is the ambitious young professional looking for new challenges or someone taking a mid-career break for new stimuli, there is always the expat looking to find oneself when they choose to move abroad. Look out for deep and meaningful conversations the ‘soul searcher’ sparks on their journey to find the meaning of life.

The One-up Expat
The expat who’s been to one more place than you, have one more quirky story to tell, knows a friend who knows someone else more impressive than yours, the ‘one-up expat’ always seems to have a better story to tell. No matter how seasoned an expat you are, you will most likely come across an expat that fits all the traits of one-upmanship.

Have you come across any of these stereotypes or are they really just stereotypes? Leave us a comment in the box below.

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  1. Oh yes, them so many other types too. I've drawn up a whole of 'em - the mad, sad, glad, and bad.


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