Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Country in review: Hong Kong

As the world becomes ever more connected, different cultures are coming together in a variety of ways. Nowhere is this more true than in Hong Kong, where east meets west creating a spectacular fusion of cultures.

This cultural synergy is perhaps most obvious in the food. From delicate dim sum to Michelin-starred restaurants, there really is something for everyone. One great area that expats tend to forget is North Point – a great location for authentic Chinese food, both local and from the mainland.

No expat experience is complete in Hong Kong without visits to the city’s famous cha chaan tengs, neighbourhood restaurants serving comfort foods with no-nonsense service. Patrons of cha chaan tengs go for a variety of fusion culinary delights, which can include pork-based soup noodles with a fried egg and chicken wings, baked pineapple buns with a generous dollop of butter or fresh beef, tomato and egg sandwich washed down with a yin-yang (coffee and tea, mixed in the same cup).

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The island is also great for shopping. Causeway Bay is great for familiar western styles and Stanley Market – while a bit ‘touristy’ – is a great place to buy all of your gifts for those back home. Venture over to Mongkok in the evening and you’ll find that Ladies’ market is similarly exciting.

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It’s not all about city-dwelling of course. If scenery’s your thing, take a tram up to the Peak and enjoy stunning views of the entire island. Or if you’re more of an active sort, try some water sports in Tai Po or watch the weekly races at Happy Valley.

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Indeed, no post about Hong Kong would be complete without mentioning the beaches. Deep Water Bay is really popular amongst the locals and we think this picture goes to show why!

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