Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Update on Expat Mummy Bloggers: Top Mummy Bloggers

Last year we posted a guide to some of the top expat mummy bloggers on the internet offering practical tips for other expat mums around the world. The post was really well received by our readers so a year on we thought we would revisit the topic and share some of our new favourites with you.

A great expat blog from Brazil. @RachelsRantings explores life in Brazil and all the fun being an expat mum, wife and living by the beach brings. 

Doesn’t everyone want to live in Paris? Well Stephanie and Allison are two friends blogging about their expat life in the French capital, which includes an impressive collective list of 13 expat years, 4 children 5 marriage proposals and 1 great blog! Check them out on Twitter @LaMomParis

Expat advice from @TinaFussell  who is a serial expat with many destinations under her belt.  Currently residing in Denmark, Travelling Mama gives some top tips on keeping expats and expat children busy whilst helped by her excellent photography!  

This blog from @SamHadlington gives an overview of before, during after the move from Surrey to Qatar. There are top tips on things to do in Qatar and ideas on bringing up children in the Middle East.  

Moving abroad and don’t speak the local language? That is the problem @Expat_Mom faced in her move from the USA to Germany. Check out the daily challenges of life raising children in Germany brings and hints on how to navigate being a mummy expat.

Are you an expat mummy blogger? What are your top tips for expat mums? Leave us a post below or add them to our new Hints and Tips tool!

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