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Top tips for single expats

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Looking for a partner can be difficult enough in a country where you speak the language, know the local hangouts and dating etiquette but what if you’re new to the dating scene in your host country? How do you go about meeting that special someone? Unfortunately there’s unlikely to be a magic answer, however, a great starting point for anyone looking to meet a new partner or even a new friend is to have an active social life.

We’ve put together a few tips for single expats looking for love but as always if you’ve got any tips of your own please feel free to share them by tweeting us at @expatexplorer or adding them to our Hints & Tips site.

Why not take up a hobby? Joining a sports team or club is a great opportunity to meet other people that have similar interests to you. Most cities have a huge variety of clubs and activities on offer, regardless of whether it is a running club or a book club! If your local supermarket or shop has a pin board keep your eyes peeled for leaflets or flyers advertising fin things to get involved in.

Online dating is growing ever popular but it can be particularly useful for expats as the search criteria can direct you to people who not only have the same interests as you but that speak the same language and live nearby. If you haven’t made the move to your host country yet, why not start looking at dating websites in your region beforehand? Who knows, your date might even be able to show you around your new home!

Heading out and enjoying the nightlife of your new country is also a great opportunity to meet new people. Ask work colleagues or friends where they like to hang out and ask if you can join them for a drink one evening. Many global expat destinations such as Hong Kong, Dubai and London have great music and club scenes so make the most of exploring them. 

Whether or not you are looking to meet a new partner being a single expat is a great opportunity to travel and explore the local culture. Enjoy your freedom, meet as many people and try new things. Inevitably and when you least expect it the right person will come along!

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