Thursday, 28 March 2013

Celebrating Easter

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we would take a look at how this holiday is celebrated from country to country.

Source: Wikicommons

In Germany it is customary for people take part in the ‘Egg Dance’. This involves laying eggs on the ground and dancing around them whilst trying not to break the eggs – not as easy as it sounds we’re sure! It is also common for people to hang brightly coloured eggs from trees as opposed to countries such as the UK where eggs are hidden away to be found.

Over in Greece, it is popular to paint eggs red before using them to make Easter bread called Tsoureki whilst in village of Vrontados, on the island of Chios, it’s fireworks that take centre stage. Well, rockets actually. Just before Easter Sunday, two Orthodox churches fire rockets at each other in an attempt to hit the bells in the opposite tower creating a fantastic display that’s watched by the whole island.

In the UK it is tradition that on the Thursday before Easter, the Queen gives away Maundy Money which in modern times is a specially minted coin given to certain individuals. The value of the coin is always equal to the Queens age so this year it will be 86 pence.

Finally, and one for foodies to note is in the town of Haux in France, there is an Easter Monday tradition of serving up a giant omelette. This is not just any omelette but a 4,500-egg omelette that feeds 1,000 people. This feast apparently dates back to Napoleonic times when Napoleon travelled through the town and decided he liked the omelettes so much he ordered the town to make a giant omelette for his army the next day.
What are Easter celebrations like in your country? How does being an expat make Easter different? Leave us a comment in the box below.

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