Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Top tips to organise expat life

As some expats will testify, organising and making sure things go according to plan suddenly becomes much harder and complicated the moment you decide to move abroad. Here, we thought we’d share some top tips for organising expat lives.

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·         Use the Cloud. Everything is available online nowadays, so why not make use of this extra storage and make use of the cloud to store and share photos, making it easier to share large files with friends and family when overseas.
·         Schedule in fun time. Some of us are guilty of having too much, others don’t take enough time out but regardless it is an essential part of life – and a chance for you to re-charge your batteries. Whether you are a party go-er or prefer to have a steaming green tea and curl up with a good book, schedule in the time. Don’t overrun and don’t make any excuse not to do it.

·         Set achievable targets. One of the big factors of expat life is the uncertainty it can bring or the feeling of being lost due to new and unfamiliar environments. It’s important, especially for those who first move abroad to set yourselves small and achievable targets that will help you ease in and take control of your life.
·         De-clutter.  Expats are a mobile bunch, and often that means picking up items and excess baggage (literal or otherwise) that you might not need along the way. One way to be more organised is to put yourself in the de-cluttering frame of mind and make it a daily habit. Organise your expat life by keeping desks and rooms tidy and clutter-free. That means when you move again you will limit the stress of deciding what to throw away.

How do you organise your expat life? What is the biggest organisational challenge as an expat? Leave us a comment in the box below.

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  1. Decluttering is an ongoing process, but the problem isn't really just the junky clutter: It's all that fabulous, unique stuff you collect along the way. You want it because it is part of the ambiance of your living space, has all those memories attached to it and feels to be part of your personality. Yet practically speaking, you don't actually NEED it. Being a minimalist expat is a challenge -- for me, anyway!


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