Monday, 25 February 2013

Top tips for expat single parents

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Being a single parent can be hard enough without the added pressures of moving abroad.  But if you manage to make the move work it can be a really rewarding experience. It’s in that spirit that we’ve listed our three top tips for single parents looking to move overseas.

As a single parent, you’re likely to have a particularly special bond with your children. You should consider this your greatest asset for making the move work. Use the communication skills you’ve picked up over the years to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Listen to their opinions on the move – they’re sure to have some – and make sure they feel heard. Then, simply explain why you’d like to move and describe some of the adventures they could have with all their new friends.

Be prepared
No matter who you are, moving abroad is a big transition and will throw up all sorts of surprises – even more so when you add children into the mix! In order to make sure that nothing puts a spanner in the works, it’s important to be aware of every eventuality. Planning ahead can help to combat any nasty surprises, from general budgeting to finding the right school, so make sure you’ve considered all aspects of your life before you make the move.

From Mexico to China, wherever you move you’re bound to find the initial relocation a bit stressful. It’s important that you make the time to relax and have fun – both with your children and on your own. Maybe treat you and your child to the night at the movies or day out riding bikes or going to the local park. And don’t forget – get out there and enjoy the sights and sounds of your new home city!

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