Friday, 22 February 2013

Culinary delights for the foodie expat

In the first instalment of our two part series we looked at the some of the healthiest cuisines around the world. This week’s post is a little more indulgent and delves into some of the hottest food festivals on the planet.

Photo: The World’s longest lunch Melborne Food and Wine Festival

Melborne Food and Wine Festival, Australia (March)
Melbourne has been host to this celebration of food and fine wine for 20 years, growing from just 12 events in 1993 to a whopping 200 events annually. Spanning 17 days, this year’s festival is dedicated to Earth and all things natural with events focussing on local artisan producers and old traditions. With a jam packed calendar you’ll be spoilt for choice – we suggest taking part in the world’s longest lunch (pictured above) and eating elbow to elbow with your fellow diners!
Best for: The laid back foodie

Brick Lane Curry Festival, London (May)
Once a year, London’s Brick Lane is transformed into an explosion of colour and exotic aromas. This curry festival has been running for 12 years and every year it’s a huge success with Londoners and outside visitors alike. Celebrations kick off with a procession of music and dancers culminating in live music from one of the several stages. Over 40 restaurants club together to help feed the swarms of people lined up on the street with classic Indian dishes.
Best for: A great party atmosphere and the best curry in town

The World Gourmet Summit, Singapore (April – May)
Singaporeans share a common passion for food and this festival really shows off some of best aspects of the country. The festival itself is held under the roofs of some of the finest restaurants throughout the city. As well as witnessing some of the world’s greatest chefs work their magic The WGS also hosts special workshops for ticket holders, so if you’d like to talk with like-minded individuals and learn some industry secrets be sure to sign up.
Best for: Haute cuisine of the highest quality

La Tomatina, Spain (August)
We first blogged about this wacky festival back in 2011 but we loved it so much that it’s made its way into our top five food festivals – although for slightly different reasons to the other four! La Tomatina takes place each year in Bunyol on the last Wednesday in August. The day begins with the participants trying to climb a greased pole in order to knock a ham off its top. Once that’s done it’s time to throw tomatoes! The fight lasts for about an hour before a shot is fired to signify the end. The streets are then thoroughly washed to remove any acid left by the juice. A wonderfully messy day all round!
Best for: A once in a lifetime experience!

Clarenbridge Oyster Festival, Ireland (September)
This festival is rich in culture and history and dates right back to 1954. It is claimed that the Clarenbridge Oyster in like no other, owing to the perfect conditions of the area including a sheltered bay and a perfect ratio of fresh and salt water. These elements combined with the expert knowledge of the residents help to make Clarenbridge the King of oysters. The festival itself plays host to a wealth of entertainment, music and dancing are everywhere you look and the atmosphere is friendly and fun.
Best for: The freshest local produce against a beautiful backdrop

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  1. I go to every food festival I can. My recent favourite is Masopust in Prague--even if they no longer butcher the pis on the premises.


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