Friday, 2 November 2012

Guest Blogger Series: Introducing… Dragan Palla

This week’s guest post features Dragan Palla of Domains Flow. In this post, Dragan shares five tips to help you set up and manage your own blog.

Top five tips to help set up a blog

 Source: Creative Commons: theparadigmshifter

Blogging is one of today's easiest ways to build an online audience. However, setting it up does require attention to certain details, as well as how you manage it regularly. The existence of convenient and user-friendly platforms means you can start out with minimal experience as well.

1. Be specific in your blog niche and you'll attract a more loyal audience

As you're setting up the blog, you'll be asked to define its content. It's easy to set up a general topic such as "the love of horses." While this may be common, it's only going to draw a few visitors and not the niche audience you're looking for. Most of the time, people look up specific topics, such as "how to brush Arabian horses." This fills an immediate need and also encourages them to come back to your blog for future grooming tips.

2. The domain name of your blog is just as important as your content

This should be something that is unique, easy to remember and also brings up your site in search results. By combining all of these features into your domain name, you're paying for more than just virtual rent of merely $10 a year (or equivalent). Instead, this becomes another way to promote your online presence to potential blog followers and subscribers

3. There are free platforms available to use, but there is an advantage to using a self-hosting service for your blog

When you work with some well-known sites, you follow their rules and agree to their service agreement at all times. If you break the rules, they have the permission to shut your site down. To prevent this, consider using sites where you have full control over your site and the type of content posted. Basically, it's the difference between renting someone else's house and owning your home

4. Remember this is your "story" you're sharing with the world
Your voice needs to be authentic and real and if you copy someone else's material, you're only regurgitating and not creating. Don't earn a reputation for copying material - be authentic and honest in your posts. Your readers follow you because they enjoy your voice, tone and personality. If you don't give them that, they might as well read the local news page and get the same kind of information. It's also necessary to research whatever information you post so it's valid and current and guaranteed to answer their questions honestly

5. Once you've found your voice, stick with it
Be consistent with the information you give and how you share it. There are a lot of reasons people start blogs, but yours will be particular to your needs. Give yourself a challenge to see how many new readers you can get in a month or how many comments you can get on a single post. This teaches you marketing in the process while creating another potential stream of income. As long as you're passionate about your subject and stay on track with your subject, it will become a very successful project

About the author
Dragan Palla is the founder of Domains Flow

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