Monday, 5 November 2012

Expats shift to real estate investment

Image Source: Creative Commons/Moyan Brenn

In our blogpost Economic uncertainty leads expats to choose longer term investments we discussed how this year's survey has shown that expats have gradually made the shift from cash investments and towards property based investments, or ‘real estate’. One in five (22%) of expats surveyed said that the highest proportion of their investments is now held in real estate, compared to just 16% when they first relocated.

This change in money management is most apparent in European countries where more expats than average have increased the proportion of their investments in real estate (France 29% v 37%, Germany 14% v 19%).

What’s more, even high earning expats are choosing to split their investments over time. Expats earning $200,000-250,000 per year have moved from cash investments to a relatively even mix of cash, real estate and equities. So why is this? One possible explanation could be that expats see a wider spread of investment opportunities as a safer option, most likely in response to economic turmoil.

For more results from our Expat Explorer survey, visit our interactive tool. 


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