Monday, 22 October 2012

UK expats may feel the strain of the economic crisis… but they’re here to stay!

Image Source: CreativeCommons/_dChris

There’s no doubt that UK expats are feeling the strain of the economic crisis. However, the results of the 2012 Expat Explorer survey show that the situation isn't affecting their decision to stay on in the country.

Economic confidence may be low in the UK as 68% of UK-based expats describe themselves as dissatisfied with the current state of the economy but the good news is that they have stayed resilient and show few signs of wanting to relocate. Seven in ten expats in the UK are looking to stay long term, while only 7% are looking to move away. This sentiment was mirrored across Europe but most pronounced in Spain. More than nine in ten expats in Spain report dissatisfaction with the current state of the economy – the highest level across all countries included in this year’s survey. However, expats in Spain are the least likely to be looking to move away, with no expats from the survey actively looking to leave the country.

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