Monday, 15 October 2012

Expats give the UK a thumbs-up as a great place to live

This year’s Expat Explorer survey has seen the UK leap up the Expat Experience league table to 18th place from 29th in 2011. So, what do expats rate the UK highly for?
  • Friends - Half of UK-based expats said that they’d found it easy to make local friends. Seven in ten reported integrating well within the local community and two thirds feel welcome at work. Just a quarter of expats surveyed spend more time with fellow expats than Brits
  • Love – It appears that expats in the UK are luckier than others when it comes to love interests. Almost half of UK-based expats surveyed have found a life partner since moving to the UK – while only a third of expats worldwide have done the same
  • Culture- The past year and a half alone has seen street parties adorned with bunting as Brits celebrated the Royal Wedding, Diamond Jubilee and a jam-packed summer of sport with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Perhaps as a result of this over half of UK-based expats are impressed with the local entertainment on offer. Two in three also find the UK a culturally interesting place to live

If you want to see how your country fares, check out the league tables on our interactive tool

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