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Expat wealth migrates to Southeast Asia while the Middle East best for short-term gain

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Singapore leads the way in Expat Economics

First place on this year’s Expat Economics league table goes to Singapore. Surrounding countries weren’t far behind with Thailand (3rd), Hong Kong (4th), China (7th) and Vietnam (10th) all earning their place in the top ten indicating that Southeast Asia has fast become a hotspot for wealthy and ambitious expats.

Singapore holds the largest proportion of wealthy expats of any country in this year’s survey. A staggering four fifths of expats here found that their disposable income had increased since relocation. The country isn’t alone as expats in Hong Kong, Malaysia and China all reported a boost to their finances.

Despite a positive outlook, expats in the Middle East move on fast

Expats in the Middle East are satisfied with the state of the economy and many reported that they are better off financially. However despite economic benefits, many expats are still intent on leaving the region.

Roughly one third of expats in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman are actively looking to leave their current country either for another posting or to return to their home country, compared to just over one in ten globally.

Find out how your country fares on our interactive tool.

Southeast Asia is fast becoming an all-round top expat destination. Have you moved to Southeast Asia, and if so, what do you like about it?

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  1. It is little surprise that the countries of South East Asia dominate the expat survey for both economics and experience. These countries have vibrant economies in stark contrast to the rather tired nations of the west.
    Expats in Asia in most income brackets can live a comfortable life. It is also noticable that people here smile more too :)


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