Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Five quirky ways to help with long distance relationships using technology

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Distance can put a huge strain on a relationship. However it does not doom it to failure. There are many ways that a relationship can in fact flourish with a bit of space.

Our previous blog about long distance relationships was one of the most read blog post in July so we decided to follow it up with some more tips for you and your partner on how to cope with being apart using technology.

Technology can play a huge part in beating the long distance blues, for instance Skype is one of the most useful tools for keeping in touch with your other half. However there are some fun and quirky ways that modern technology can be used to help revitalise your long distance relationship:

·         Create Spotify or iTunes playlists - Making a playlist for your girlfriend or boyfriend is a unique way of sharing something you are interested in – and gives the compilation cassette tape or CD a thoroughly modern twist

·         Compile an instagram photo album on Facebook – Bring your overseas experience to life with this handy app so you can share things you’ve seen and enjoyed whilst on the move. The artistic filters give your images that extra hint of nostalgia and make them more memorable for the person viewing them

·         Install WhatsApp – this messenger application is quick and easy to use and provides an easy way to message each other when you aren’t able to sit down at a computer and Skype one and other.

·         Arrange a surprise  Google+ hangouts  - If a birthday or special occasion is coming up and you can’t be with your partner who is overseas then why not organise a surprise Google+ hangout instead of a surprise party. You can create a video chat with up to 9 people and you can use the chance to catch up with friends and family, see each other’s faces, watch live broadcast together – or if you fancy have a virtual fancy dress party with pirate hats and all. The possibilities are endless!

·         Private blogs as well as video blogs are another way to keep in touch. They can act as a personal platform for communication and are a useful way to keep your partner fully informed in your day to day life.

Using one or two of these tips could be a way to refresh your relationship if it is struggling under the pressure of long distance.  Technology is now at the stage where it is quick and simple to communicate with someone regardless of how far apart you are.


  1. Some great tips here. After all the excitement of moving abroad, life can feel a bit strange and lonely away from loved ones. Modern technology certainly can help and best of all, a lot of this stuff is free - you don't have to spend a fortune on phone bills anymore to keep in touch.

  2. However there are some fun and quirky ways that modern technology can be used to help revitalise your long distance relationship:cross country moving companies


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