Monday, 6 August 2012

Top 10 Expat Explorer blog posts

    A re-cap of the most popular posts on Expat Explorer in July:

Our blog on Rome was the most read post during July. Using figures from the 2011 Expat Explorer survey we take a look at life in Rome and what it is like to live there as supposed to visit as a tourist.

This is one of the most consistently read posts on the blog. Leaving loved ones behind is always hard and our post does its best to help expats who are away from home.

Bored of the day job? Work for yourself and live abroad. Tara Agacayak gives us a run-down of her experience as an expat entrepreneur.

Interested in what was read the most in June? One of the top articles in July was finding out about the most read posts in June!

US Independence Day, how do expats in the US celebrate the day? Find out on our 5th most popular blog post in July.

Expat moves to France and sets up a country inn in the middle of nowhere. That is what Julia Stagg decided to do, read her story here.

Another top favourite, mummy bloggers give their views on the daily challenges they face being abroad with children.

Aidan is a real foodie, this blog post gives her run down of expat life in France and the daily encounters with French cooking.

Sleepy life in the south of Italy is something Scott Bergstein liked the idea of. Check out his post which includes its fair share of Italian cooking and inexpensive living.

It does what it says on the tin! Read why this particular expat loves life in Moscow. 

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