Friday, 17 August 2012

The Expat Sound of Music

Music is a great method of escapism in hectic times, and is a way of connecting with a new place and new people.

Listening to music at the end of the day is a useful tool of reflection and relaxation, detaching you from the stresses of everyday life, especially the stress facing new expats who are adjusting to a different way of life.

As well as the escapism factor, music can be extremely useful in social situations. It can act as a great ice breaker, sparking conversations, and uncovering common interests for expats trying to make new friends abroad.

Of upmost importance for new expats is the way in which music brings people together for social events. Music concerts and gigs are an excellent way of meeting people and forming friendships, as well as being a way to uncover exciting social hang outs in your new hometown. There are some fantastic music venues around the world, including:

Paradiso, Amsterdam – A 19th century Church transformed into a three floor music venue  

Dalhalla, Amphitheatre, Sweden – Located in a limestone quarry, the stage is separated from the audience by a moat      

Sydney Opera House, Australia – Breath-taking world famous venue that houses a wide variety of music events (not just opera!), multiple rooms and halls to cater for different events as well a multitude of bars and restaurants.

Blue Frog, Mumbai – A great chance to experience what the modern Indian music scene has to offer, in stylishly elegant surrounding

Bar Brahma, Sao Paolo - For popular Brazilian music look no further. This music venue and restaurant first opened in 1949 as a meeting place for artists, politicians and intellectuals

Listening to the local music of a country is an ideal way of learning cultural information. Traditional music especially can give a huge insight into the cultural present and past of a country, which is vital information for a newcomer. These venues can offer some of the best local talent as well as hosting some better known acts as well.


  1. I went to some live Flamenco - absolutely great. Not a word of English anywhere!

  2. Prague is another popular expat city with distinctive music venues. At Karlovy Lazne in old town there is a club with four floors each with a different theme and style of music. Some review it as a tourist rip-off, others rave; it appears to be full nearly every night.


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